A moment of silence for all 239 passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines MH370 


The Prime Minister of Malaysia just confirmed that MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean. None on board survive the crash. Condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.

need more bad timing asap pleasseee

Asap? Demanding much….. kidding my love. I’ll work on it soon!

I really love and appreciate how different your story line is. Thank you for writing such an amazing story so far. Please update soon and I look forward to reading more ! ❤️😘

Aw, thank you so much. That means a lot, I’m just not quite sure which sorry for referring to buy it didn’t matter. Huge compliment, that has made my day.

Yes yes yes yes yes. This is a good timing for bad timing (see what I did there?) :)

Haha, I see your wit! Thanks my love

Bad timing! !


twist of fate!!!

Thanks darling